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          Welcome! Imamother is a warm community of married and once married frum Jewish women. We offer you the ability to connect, socialize, share advice, and talk about important issues with other women. Join NowWe enable you to find answers, support and advice, anonymously, and in a safe environment.

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          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by Amarante Today at 5:53 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by amother Today at 5:59 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by amother Today at 5:21 am
          Can a woman win the presidency?
          by DrMom Yesterday at 5:05 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by amother Today at 6:45 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by amother Today at 6:51 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by zaq Today at 5:29 am
          Good Comedy
          by amother Today at 11:06 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by malki2 Today at 4:01 am
          Harry= Off the Derech?
          by amother Today at 4:38 am

          How tall is your dh?
          Taller than 6 feet
          5'11 to 6 feet
          5'9 to 5'10
          5'7 to 5'8
          5'5 to 5'6
          5'3 to 5'4
          5'2 to 5'3
          Shorter than 5'2
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          Three Days Left to New Eichler’s Legendary Book Display

          The New Eichler’s book display week is going strong!Thousands of children, teens and adults are flocking to the New Eichler’s this week in search of some new treasures to add to their collection of books.

          Every book in the house is discounted!Ranging from 10% off to a whopping 50% discount, nobody walks out empty handed!The browsing experience is at an all-time high and book lovers from all over the city can’t keep their eyes off the huge selection displayed.

          The celebrities are drawing a huge crowd.Every day, The New Eichler’s boasts some high profile authors for book signings and presentations.The crowds have been reported star struck!There’s more to come, you can still be a part of history!Don’t miss the literary giants that are set to grace the premises of New Eichler’s.

          1:00-3:00 p.m.

          Chany Rosengarten, author of “Promise me Jerusalem” will do a book signing and hand out an inspirational gift.

          6:00 p.m.

          Rabbi Mordechai Shmutter, popular columnist and author of “They’re Asking Me?” will keep the audience laughing all the way through the signing of his book.


          11:00 a.m.

          Miriam Weiser author of “Never Knew You” will be on premises for a book signing.

          7:00 p.m.

          Moshe Klein, world traveler and columnist will relate his experiences to the children and hand out travel souvenirs.

          Motz’ei Shabbos:

          8:30 p.m.

          Rabbi Yitzy Erps, master storyteller, will keep the kids spellbound as he relates a trademark story!


          11:00 a.m.

          Yaeli Vogel, the world renowned artist and author, will unveil her brand new masterpiece “Masked,” a Megilas Esther complemented with her amazing, original art.

          3:00 p.m.

          Chaya Reich, famous author of the “Cozy Rozy” series will treat her lucky audience to a sweet rendition of one of her loved-by-all books!

          5:00 p.m.

          Sara Blau, beloved author of the “I Can Be” series will inspire the children with an inspirational book reading session.

          The clock is ticking.Don’t miss the remaining goodies on the schedule and of course, the discounts!

          Come on over, be a part of history!

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          Replies : 0 View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 11:38 pm

          10 miracle psalms Rabbi Nachman

          (Say these without interruption no speaking answering phone etc & during day light hours)
          In Rabbi Meir bal haness tzudakah box (only) give what's affordable 36 18 26 36 etc before starting
          Say 3 times
          Eloky der mayer anaynee
          Say 3 times
          Na Nach Nachma Nachman may umon
          Start with your name Hebrew and mothers name if know it.
          Make a list of names to add said daily.or more often if situation is challenging or difficult.
          Say in your language full chapters of T'hilim
          Hatzlacha all my sisters and families.

          Replies : 3 View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: avocado7 Yesterday at 9:09 am

          Smilingmom in hospice.

          Smilingmom, aka Gila bat Fruma Kressel is currently in hospice.She appreciates and love to hear that everyone is saying tehillim for her.

          Also, if you have any stories of times she helped you or just kind things you saw and read from her, it cheers her up to hear it. So please post/PM me with your stories and I will make sure it gets read to her.

          Replies : 22 View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: singleagain Mon, Jan 13 2020, 7:12 am